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In the news


For The Love of Sci-Fi is billed as “By the fans, for the fans“, and it certainly kept this fan very happy indeed. - 60 Minutes with


For The Love Of Sci-Fi Review - 80s Nostalgia 

Connor chats to Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin about Manchester's sci-fi convention. - BBC 

The cast of Stranger Things and E.T are coming to Manchester for huge sci-fi convention.- I Love MCR 

Stranger Things star: 'Season three will be darker but funnier' - BBC 

Child star Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, gave a teasing glimpse into what fans can expect in the new series, during an appearance in Manchester - Manchester Evening News 

Spencer Wilding: The Man Who Played Darth Vader - LadBible 

'Our gym didn’t know what had hit it!' The Incredible Hulk leaves MM green with envy (although we DID spar with Spencer Wilding) - Mancunian Matters 

 Henry Thomas Discusses The Possibility Of a New 'E.T.' Film - Lad Bible 

Star Wars: ‘Updating Yoda for prequels was a MISTAKE’ says Empire’s special effects artist  - Express

Best possible sci-fi films of 2019 – 9 new releases to appear out for - New York Times Post

Best sci-fi movies of 2019 - nine new releases to look out for - Daily Mirror

There's a huge cheese festival in Manchester this weekend - Manchester Evening News 

The Festival of the Dead is coming to Manchester, with a giant mechanical skull and skeleton acrobats - Manchester Evening News  

Happy Mondays to headline Madchester themed rave - Manchester Evening News  

Bowlers Exhibition centre is best known for its big raves like Baseline festival, so I was shocked when I realised the concert would be taking place at this venue. However, the layout of the concert worked really well. In one room they had the VIP section where there was an on-going DJ, private bar and tables and chairs. In the main event area there were two bars and chairs at each side of the stage. - Viva  

 For The Love Of Sci-Fi, from Monopoly Events, is bringing Film legends and TV stars to Manchester. If you remember 80s film classics like ET, Predator, Rocky and Red Sonja then you will love meeting the guests at this event. As well as films, there are guests from TV and music – Stars from Stranger Things will be there, along with Ray Parker Jnr, writer and performer of the Ghostbusters theme song. - 80s Nostalgia world’s biggest celebrity guests including a staggering 6 first time UK signers from Stranger Things, Predator, Rocky coming to MANCHESTER! Plus an opening concert on 30th NOV with THREE UK first EXCLUSIVES. - Voice of London 

The event, which takes place at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre, marks their first ever UK convention appearance. Ray Parker Junior will also make his first UK convention appearance to perform a live version of the Ghostbusters              theme tune. -  NME

Stranger Things actors and the cast of E.T. to appear at Manchester's sci-fi convention - Manchester Evening News 


Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno among stars appearing in Manchester as For the Love of Sci Fi makes its return - Northern Quota 

Throw together getting to meet some fantastic new customers, making awesome new friends and contacts, and experiencing literally the best atmosphere of any con we’ve attended yet and we had the perfect recipe for the best weekend ever! - The Geek Monkey  

The Scare attraction, All kinds of horror, back to back while walking through scared the socks off of us and the end part being chased by Michael Myers with a chainsaw was just brilliant! - Bolton Live!   

Thousands of scary movie fans attend huge horror convention. - Manchester Evening News 

Tyler Mane stunned the Manchester audience of an opening day screening of Halloween by introducing the film at ODEON Great Northern. -Mancunian Matters  

 We’re sitting in a Manchester bar, the evening before Trejo is due to appear at For the Love of Horror, a two-day film convention. Nearby sits Tyler Mane, who plays Michael Myers in the latest Halloween films, although the masked murderer looks slightly less terrifying when eating a salmon and cucumber sandwich. - The Guardian 

Horror fans in for a frightful treat at new Manchester convention - Mancunian Matters

Other big horror names appearing at the convention include Danny Trejo, who has starred in the films Heat and Con Air, and the shows Breaking Bad and The X-Files, Tyler Mane who played Sabretooth in X-Men and Michael Myers in the 2007 remake of Halloween and the sequel Halloween II and Game of Thrones' Richard Blake and Human Centipede producer Ilona Six.                                                                    - Manchester Evening News 

 A Spine-Chilling Horror Movie Convention is coming to the area on October 20-21. - Bolton News 

For the Love of Horror is a new venture from Monopoly Events and promises to get the city into the Halloween spirit when it comes to the Trafford Park venue on October 20 and 21. - Manchester Evening News 

Wow, what an event this was. Where in the UK can you get to see a full size X-wing, AT-ST walker, Jabba’s Palace, Cantina Bar and Giant Scout trooper helmet. This event had everything. - Clothears Costumes 

Fans will have the chance to meet Darth Vader himself and take part in a Jedi training school at the event ahead of The Force Awakens

 Manchester to host 'For the love of the Force' Star Wars convention 

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